General Information

All charges on this page are Net

SHIP DATE: All ship dates are approximate. If our estimated ship date is different from your requested date, you will be notified in writing. We do not accept any order with a guaranteed ship date. No damage claims of any kind can be made for delays in delivery of the order. American Calendar will not be liable for any consequencial or incidental damages resulting from a delay in delivery. This date will be adjusted if acceptable artwork is not submitted with the order, lack of credit approval, or a proof delay.

As orders are manufactured specifically for you, they are not subject to cancellation.

ACCOUNT PROTECTION: Orders for quantities above the maximum quantity listed in the catalog and styles not shown in the catalog, are protected for one full calendar season after the last sale.

Digital Art Errors: If we print from customer supplied art files, we will not be responsible for errors unless we have altered the files. Beware of gradient files, RGB files, and PMS Colors.

AD COPY: There will be an additional charge of $3 per line for copy in excess of the limitations listed under imprint for each calendar.

ARTWORK: One color art work normally runs between $44 and $63 per color. This is in addition to logos & cuts listed below. We will furnish a quote prior to starting work on any order that requires art work. To have art work returned add $7.00 + postage. If you can't furnish good, clean, black and white copy we can have art work prepared. Close register will cost $94 plus 2nd color.

CHANGE OF COPY (Black Only): Calendar prices include one advertisement printed on the total quantity of an order. All Co-Ops must be approved by American in advance and will be protected for one year. Copy changes for Co-Ops are: Under 11" x 17 " - $12.50 plus $.05 per cal. Over 11" x 17 " - $32.00 plus $.05 per cal.

INK COLOR: Our standard shelf inks $32 are PMS 186(New for 2012) Red, PMS 300 Blue, PMS 347 Green and Black. For any color that must be exact or to match sample, add $75.00.

LOGOS & CUTS FROM CAMERA READY ARTWORK: If you wish to include from camera ready artwork a trademark, logo, or special type face, there will be an additional charge for art and cuts. This normally runs between $32 to $63 depending upon the size and complexity. We will bill you at our actual cost. Please furnish good black and white copy. Please note this includes camera ready artwork. All reverse cuts require special quote.

MAILING CALENDARS: Calendars may be mailed from our factory to save transportation costs. We will generate labels from a customer supplied Excel spreadsheet with all fields in separate columns. The cost will be $.51 each per calendar - $150 Minimum (plus postage). Add $.16 to mail personalized calendars. For calendars sent Bulk Mail, there will be a $100 permit charge. Postage must be paid prior to mailing calendars. Orders which require mailing should be submitted with consideration to the additional time required to complete the task. The following charges apply:

Printing return address on labels and envelopes:
Extra charge first 100 - $50.00
Extra 100's, per 100 - $20.00

NON-SCANNABLE COPY: For any order requiring color separations from slides, negatives or art larger than 11" x 17" there is a charge of $75.00.

PROOFS (Required for Digital Files): A paper proof of the advertisement will be furnished for an additional charge of $25.00. If proofs are not returned within 5 days then delivery date and pricing will be adjusted to applicable prices. After August 1st all proofs will be sent overnight letter and must be returned in 48 hours. Author's Alterations or Changes will be billed at cost. EProofs are available for $16. Please note that American Calendar will not guarantee exact color on eproofs since colors can vary from monitor to printed material.

QUANTITIES: Printing methods require that all imprinted orders are subject to 10% over or underruns. If you specify no overruns, there will be a 5% additional charge.

SHIPPING: All prices listed in this catalog are F.O.B. factory. Drop shipments are $8.00 for each different address. For international drop shipments, the cost is $15 for each diffferent address. Change shipping method after order is received add $32.00. Change ship date after order is received add $32.00. 3rd Party Shipping: $10 Per order, per address.

Proof Required on All New order and ALL orders that have art Changes!

All orders must be FACTORY READY to be considered complete and receive early season discounts.

Do not submit any digital artwork until you review our Digital Specification Sheet.

CUSTOMER SUPPLIED ACCEPTABLE COMPUTER ART: (Positioned files ready for imagesetter output. We will bill labor and materials for any errors.)
FOR MAC: Illustrator CC 2017, Photoshop CC 2017, Indesign CC 2017
FOR PC: Adobe Photoshop CS 2017, PageMaker 7.0, Corel Draw 11.0, Corel Photopaint 8.0, Microsoft Word 2000(text only), Illustrator CC 2017, InDesign CCC 2017

We reserve the right to make changes to production techniques, sizes and materials for the listed products. This could result in finished products that may vary from catalog specifications or early year product samples shown to customers.

SELECTIVE POLICY: All distributors must sign a distributor application agreeing to these policies and have it accepted by American before any order will be accepted.

American Calendar Must be contacted within 90 Days for any disputes involving invoice.